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Originally set up just to play 5x5 tcg... But but but... Occasionally i will put up some HQ scans of albums and singles! =D
For Singaporean Arashi Fans: Go to http://sgarashifc.forumup.org to join Singapore Unofficial Arashi Fanclub!
And if you join 5x5 tcg, say Crystalove referred you! XD

Made by juninodaisuki for me! do not steal because fail!sho is just <333

Credits to milou_veronica for the layout CSS (which was edited by me)!
Credits to yuckie_chan, cho_colatosa & SNG for the wonderful scans used in my icons & LJ layout (if you see your scans, and i didn't credit you, PM ME!
Credits to viridian_icons, iconfused & isis_pro at 5x5graphics for the Arashi Mood Themes!
Credits to refuted for the Profile Layout!