June 16th, 2009

Sho - Pink&Blue

For Singaporeans: Do a Good deed? =D

I promise to post a scan release after this (probably in the next few days) but for those of you who are watching me and are singaporeans, I am asking for help. Help that does not benefit me at all but, it will benefit the people in China! Not to mention, The Boys are always doing good deeds right? *grins* 

There will be a 50% subsidy if you are a Singaporean citizen or a Singapore PR! So in actual fact, you only pay $800 just to experience China+do a good deed! (*coughgoodvaluecough*). Just contact either Kenneth or Melissa if you want more details! Also, comment to let me know if you are interested because...... I JUST WANNA KNOW. =D 

Come on lovelies! i trust you right? *puppy eyes* 
Next scan post coming out in a few days! (Songs 06 2009 and Duet!) *GRINS* CALL THEM NOW.

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