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It's difficult but....

I have finally came to a decision after much much thought.

I have decided to stop scanning. This is my final decision.

Ever since I have started on my 4th year thesis, you lovely people have been patiently waiting for my sporadic scans without complain! I really appreciate it. However, it is because of this entire year, I have lost my scanning momentum. Also, my eyes have opened to how scans have evolved. I started scanning because there was a lack of HQ scans. Now, there are tons of them out there. They would appear at the earliest moment possible (isn't the fandom great???). So i figured that,  there wasn't a need for me to scan HQ already. =) honestly speaking, it will be a load off my other commitments.

I will be looking forward to other ways of contribution to the fandom! (any one needs a timer/typesetter/encoder can look for me! =D if i have the time, i won't reject any work. haha. i'm quite free for now.)

I thank everyone of you who have been so lovely to leave comments at my scan posts (those really push me to scan more!) =D 
Previous scan posts will still be left at where it was. So don't worry! all rules will still apply! 

♥ you guys! *hugs* 
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