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Friends Only

Currently not adding anyone! I did a friends cut! 
My scans are always public! Whatever i contribute to the Arashi community, will always be public! 
PM me to add you if:
1. you know me in real life.
2. you're from sgarashifc , and want to know me more.
3. you're from 5x5 tcg
4. that i actually do know you, but i accidentally cut you off. >.< GOMEN! LOL.

otherwise, don't be surprised if i reject to being friends. HOHO. No hard feelings!
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*gets whacked* sorry for the lackkkkk of updates (1 year i think?!) i am just so caught up with my work! being a welfare officer at a residential home is no joke man! we work on roster shift which includes night shift. which is kinda hard for my biological clock and my sleep times. i still support arashi though! :D just not as active as before. a little download here and there. buying stuff here and there. occasional fangirling with my close fangirl peeps. nothing more! hope you guys out there are well! 
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It's difficult but....

I have finally came to a decision after much much thought.

I have decided to stop scanning. This is my final decision.

Ever since I have started on my 4th year thesis, you lovely people have been patiently waiting for my sporadic scans without complain! I really appreciate it. However, it is because of this entire year, I have lost my scanning momentum. Also, my eyes have opened to how scans have evolved. I started scanning because there was a lack of HQ scans. Now, there are tons of them out there. They would appear at the earliest moment possible (isn't the fandom great???). So i figured that,  there wasn't a need for me to scan HQ already. =) honestly speaking, it will be a load off my other commitments.

I will be looking forward to other ways of contribution to the fandom! (any one needs a timer/typesetter/encoder can look for me! =D if i have the time, i won't reject any work. haha. i'm quite free for now.)

I thank everyone of you who have been so lovely to leave comments at my scan posts (those really push me to scan more!) =D 
Previous scan posts will still be left at where it was. So don't worry! all rules will still apply! 

♥ you guys! *hugs* 
Yama Pair - Hearts [Furo]

My Girl mp3, pv & scans download!

Obviously, i have littleeee littlleeeeee time for fangirling (damn you school) but.. i hope i'm not forgotten??? XD

Well, the usual applies!

Usual rules apply:
1. Do not redistribute my links.
2. No reuploading of my scanned images anywhere! Redirect them here! Images used for graphics is okay. other than that, NO UPLOADING OF MY IMAGES ANYWHERE. XD [if you really need to then, resize them!]
3. No reuploading of my mp3s or pvs!
4. No credit necessary X3

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5x10 All The Best! 1999-2009

*checks last scan post.* unbelievable. close to 2 months of no scan contribution! O___O i'm so sorry! my schedule is really killing me right now! even though my volunteering at the mental health centre ended 2 weeks ago, but, the training for my YEP Beijing Trip has started! which means... more days added to my schedule! not to mention i have a first aid course coming up next next week! *weeps* 

I honestly loved 5x10! i think it is a very beautiful and touching song especially for the fans! the week that i received my albums, i started listening to it. and i think, it was the only song that i kept listening to it for the entire time! it plays on repeat (god bless the repeat function!).

So how are you lovelies? Going on well? i seriously miss fangirling! 

Well without further ado, let's see the rules first before the downloads! 

Usual rules apply:
1. Do not redistribute my links.
2. No reuploading of my scanned images anywhere! Redirect them here! Images used for graphics is okay. other than that, NO UPLOADING OF MY IMAGES ANYWHERE. XD [if you really need to then, resize them!]
3. No reuploading of my mp3s.
4. No credit necessary X3

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Yama Pair - Hearts [Furo]

>.< sorry!

it's been more than a month! i've been really really packed! but rest assured, i am waiting for my LE and RE copy of their new album! once they get into my hands (*stares at playasia* give me my order NOW.), i will definitely take out the time to scan and upload it for all of you.

Sorry again for not being able to contribute much this year! D: 
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Songs June 2009

Sorry that this is coming in late! (which reminds me that i still have duet~) but as many of you know, i entered my last year of uni this april and had been busy since! Thesis, volunteering, assignments, exams. Which explains for the sporadic updates this year! SORRY! I am planning to scan duet, Everything single and also their newly announced album! Bear with me for this year *bows*

Also, if you didn't know, we are recruiting participants for Project China. 50%Subsidy is given for first time Singaporean or Singaporean PR Participants! I'll be going so that i could make more people fangirl over arashi! For more details go here!

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For Singaporeans: Do a Good deed? =D

I promise to post a scan release after this (probably in the next few days) but for those of you who are watching me and are singaporeans, I am asking for help. Help that does not benefit me at all but, it will benefit the people in China! Not to mention, The Boys are always doing good deeds right? *grins* 

There will be a 50% subsidy if you are a Singaporean citizen or a Singapore PR! So in actual fact, you only pay $800 just to experience China+do a good deed! (*coughgoodvaluecough*). Just contact either Kenneth or Melissa if you want more details! Also, comment to let me know if you are interested because...... I JUST WANNA KNOW. =D 

Come on lovelies! i trust you right? *puppy eyes* 
Next scan post coming out in a few days! (Songs 06 2009 and Duet!) *GRINS* CALL THEM NOW.

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